Web sites by Horusac

www.groenborg-line.dk www.anitac.dk
The site for Grønborg line - a small danish company selling rope, wire, nets and other equipment for the fishing industry. Recently remade to avoid using frames and iframes, and now consists of ordinary HTML and Cascading Style Sheets. In danish My own site dedicated to the danish rock band Baal. An attempt to provide a online resource for the fan base. The site is made with Cascading Style Sheets to give the appearance of a frame, but without the problems usually associated with the use of frames. In danish
www.horusac.dk www.bodenhoff.com/spv
My personal web site with no specific theme, but with various sub pages for the different themes. The site has existed for 5 years, but it's present design is somewhat newer. Also made in HTML and CSS to give the appearance of a iframe, but more non-IE browser friendly than iframes. In danish MBoden's site containing his software for the Orange SPV Smartphone. Including DoomSPV, and NotBad. The design is simple and functional and made with basic HTML and CSS. In English
  A web site selling a special powder for balancing tires on cars, caravans and trailers. Includes webshop and a guide to balancing your own tires. Developed in the CMS-system Bricksite. In danish